Clara’s hearing: Visual Reinforcement Audiometry test

I’ve sat down to write this update having just sung Clara to sleep. No bottle, no cuddles, just a simple song and her eyes were closing gently. This works because Clara can hear. It’s been the same song from the beginning. I don’t know why I sang it to Clara originally, it was just oneContinue reading “Clara’s hearing: Visual Reinforcement Audiometry test”

Clara’s hearing and development

It was unknown really, as it is with most babies, when Clara would hit ‘normal’ milestones. When babies her age start to sit, crawl, babble – what would Clara be doing? The crucial first six months of a baby’s life have a lot to do with this. Do they spend most of it laying down,Continue reading “Clara’s hearing and development”

About Us

We were just your average happy-go-lucky couple, living in a lovely peaceful village, working hard and travelling when we could, before our daughter was born. Then Clara turned our world upside down, born 5 weeks early in December 2017, and finally we had what we’d been subconsciously looking for. At first we joked that sheContinue reading “About Us”