Life with Short Gut Syndrome

Family life with a chronic bowel condition
and our favourite bowel-friendly recipes

Our Short Gut Journey

Empowered by Clara’s strength and determination, we’re sharing our story. From diagnosis to today, read our Short Gut journey from the beginning.

Short Gut, So What?

Everyone’s path is different, no-one is the same. We’re sharing our story to give hope that a diagnosis is not a definition of a child.

Every child has a chance to change the world.

Our favourite recipes

Good nutrition, to power both body and brain, has played a fundamental role in managing Clara’s Short Gut.
More recipes coming soon!

We’re glad you found us.

“We had no idea what lay ahead. There was nothing on Google that told me what family life with Short Gut meant. But not taking this path wasn’t an option. ‘Short gut, so what?’ we thought. It’s time to write that story”

Acacia, Clara’s Mum

A little extra reading…

Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

It took over 2 years to define the extent of her diagnosis. Clara currently wears hearing aids to support her hearing.

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