HUGE milestones today and why I needed to read our story before I wrote it

Today, Clara turned 18 months old. Can we just take a minute to celebrate that? She’s a year and a half on this earth and she is beyond THRIVING. I started this blog the night before. The night before the operation that would tell us if Clara was “viable” – except I didn’t know thatContinue reading “HUGE milestones today and why I needed to read our story before I wrote it”


Having a short gut baby means regular loose bowel movements are normal, sometimes restricting, often requiring extra considerations and planning. But for us gastroenteritis is a whole new level. Through diet and loperamide we’d managed to get Clara’s stools somewhat under control. There was still something I felt was a challenge though, we weren’t whereContinue reading “Gastroenteritis…again.”


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Acacia, Clara’s Mum

Hi, I’m Acacia.
I work a lot, cook a lot, and parent as best I can.

This blog is for sharing my thoughts and experiences with you as Clara grows older and we learn more about the world around us.

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