Snoozing and sickness

Turbulence is a funny thing. You know it’ll probably happen at some point so you think you’re prepared for it. When it hits, you worry and nothing feels safe. And once it’s passed, you wonder what all the fuss was about.

Saturday was a repeat of Friday. A lovely relaxed day of snuggles for Clara – heck things were going that smoothly I popped home for a hair wash and to pack my own bags for our long term stay. I also popped to Next to return a ‘Born in 2018’ memory box I’d bought Clara… After she was born. That’s a story for another time! Baby brain for mums sticks around after the baby is born you know…

However, Saturday was another day of no bowel output – this time day or night. Simply nothing was coming out. That night, Clara had more episodes of billious vomiting. Bright green in colour, it poured out of her soaking herself and her bed. Her little eyes wide open with fright, her mind not understanding what her body was doing. Her bed had to be changed twice that night. With hindsight, it should have been expected as if it wasn’t coming out below, the only other way was up.

Sunday morning, Clara started passing regular bowel movements throughout the day, all as if the last 48 hours had never happened. We had a cosy Sunday morning of cuddles, a hair wash and a bed bath, and cuddles again before getting all dressed up for the day. Our perfect Sunday.

Mr Lee, Clara’s surgeon, isn’t worried. He thinks the vomit was more mechanical than physiological. With short gut there’s every possibility that occasional night vomits could be ongoing for years.

Despite the vomiting and lots of bowel output, Clara is gaining weight. She now weighs 6lb 14, 1lb 7oz more than her birth weight.

Mr Lee has said we can increase her milk again to 24mls over 24 hours. As you can see, Clara is chuffed!

What’s seems like turbulence to some is just a bump in the night to others.

We don’t know what will happen next, but they’ll be lots more ups and downs. The more we experience, the more we’ll learn. We can’t predict it, after all, Clara is our little medical mystery miracle child.

One thought on “Snoozing and sickness

  1. As it appears twice in the Young family tree already. Jenny Clara Rebentisch was born in Taucha near Leipzig in 1881 and died there in 1973. She was a sister of my grandfather (Franz), so therefore my great aunt

    Then we have on my mother’s side Clara Fenton,who was a sister of Annie, my grandmother. Can’t immediately find any details of her but we have a picture of her as a child bridesmaid hanging on our stairway. (the picture not the bridesmaid) The picture is attached but will research a better copy. We think that this is the wedding of Mary Fenton to Frank Ostler with her sisters, Clara on the left as you look at the picture with Caroline on the right and young Annie in the front. Vintage probably about 1880.

    We also have my mother’s sister Clarice so the name has resurfaced after a hundred plus years. Incidentally Clara Fenton had 14 brothers and sisters, so keep going !

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