Post op day 2: poos and pain relief

What a difference a day can make.

By the end of Day One we had swapped the morphine for an alternative as Clara is prone to jumping spasms on the morphine of she’s on it for too long. We also halved the amount constantly running in the background.

By lunchtime of Day Two, we have turned the strong background pain relief off altogether.

Clara has been very settled since she woke up this morning. She’s watched her mobile intently, rested in her bed through a music therapy session with Andy, and intensely watched anyone who came over to speak to her.

Clara is even out of bed for cuddles now. I changed her baby grow and lifted her out of bed singlehandedly. Gone are the days I’m too nervous to do it myself post-Op!

However, I was nervous about accidentally hurting the side of her where her stoma used to be and what is now just sore broken skin around her scar. But once I lay her on a pillow on my lap, she curled into me, and fell asleep. Her heart rate then dropped to the best it’s been post-Op. So whilst I had been desperate not to hurt her by moving her, she had been desperate for a cuddle.

Today has also brought about some very exciting but not so glamorous additions… dirty nappies and wind!

At 10am, Clara had her first dirty nappy. A throwback to the newborn meconium we experienced when she was a few days old. By 1pm, another dirty nappy! And enough wind to fly a kite. This fills us with so much hope that this time the reconnection was a success.

It might be the nicest day of the year outside, but it’s a wonderful day of the year inside here too.

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