Having a short gut baby means regular loose bowel movements are normal, sometimes restricting, often requiring extra considerations and planning. But for us gastroenteritis is a whole new level. Through diet and loperamide we’d managed to get Clara’s stools somewhat under control. There was still something I felt was a challenge though, we weren’t whereContinue reading “Gastroenteritis…again.”

Clara’s development at 15 months old

I know I say this every time but I still can’t believe I have a 15 month old daughter. It feels so old! And boy, oh boy, is Clara growing up. The 15 month mark seems to have brought on a massive development spurt for Clara. She had a number of unsettled days and nightsContinue reading “Clara’s development at 15 months old”

Switching from formula to Oatly Barista (dairy free milk)

For us, it’s not been easy. But the story doesn’t begin there. Since Clara’s last bout of D&V which ended her in hospital for a day early March, her stools have never quite recovered. Her dirty nappies are looser resulting in 1-2 outfit changes a day. Uncomfortable for her, exhausting for us. It doesn’t soundContinue reading “Switching from formula to Oatly Barista (dairy free milk)”

Dairy, soya, sugar free breakfast ideas

Trying to meal plan is never the easiest when you’re a family with food intolerances. We’re not at a stage where Clara can eat what we eat, despite her doing phenomenally well with orally eating. She eats so much, so often, and will eat almost everything we give her (the only things she’s turned downContinue reading “Dairy, soya, sugar free breakfast ideas”