Going sugar free in January

Living with a child who’s dairy free, lactose free, soya free, and sugar free, you’d image we’d be living an incredibly healthy plant based vegan life style. Wrong. I’m still learning how to adapt our meals for Clara as there’s a lot of vegetables she can’t tolerate, she can’t have excess oil (we avoid panContinue reading “Going sugar free in January”

2018 is over, but life is only just beginning.

2018 will always be the year I truly found what life is about. It’s a strange one this year, New Years Eve. For whilst it is the end of a calendar year, and the end of Clara’s first year on earth, it isn’t the end of Clara’s medical year. On New Years Eve 2017 weContinue reading “2018 is over, but life is only just beginning.”

Deciding to return to work after having a premature and/or sick baby

Before I get into this in too much detail, I need to start by acknowledging how lucky we are. I am able to return to work. Do you know what that means? My daughter is healthy enough that she doesn’t require 24/7 home care with community nurses, nor does she require a parent to stay withContinue reading “Deciding to return to work after having a premature and/or sick baby”