Our Christmas Miracle

Clara truly is our Christmas miracle.

On Christmas Eve, Clara’s jaundice levels were still up. We suddenly had to face the fact that our baby wasn’t going to be at home the one day of the year where we all want to be together as a family. The fact it was ‘Christmas’ rather than just a Monday put so much pressure on us – we wanted to be at home just because of the day it was. For us, Christmas was on hold – we wouldn’t celebrate without our baby girl. We would be in the hospital with her and would treat it like a normal Monday, we’d celebrate Christmas when Clara came home.

Saying goodbye to Dean that night was heartbreaking. Clara was back on the ward with me, so at least I wouldn’t wake up on Christmas Day alone, but to wake up in a hospital bed with a poorly newborn wasn’t the Christmas we had planned for 2017.

At 9am on Christmas Day, the paedeatrician visited Clara and I for her next blood test. One heel prick later and I was told she was well enough to go home just for the day – you can only imagine the excitement in my voice when I phoned Dean!

We had the perfect day, visiting both families, eating more roast potatoes than we thought possible. Clara got to meet her Great Grandmother and her Grandfather for the first time, and she had photos with almost every family member.

Clara was even lucky enough to get some Christmas presents herself, including this flowery headband bought by her Auntie Jem. Clara’s Daddy has “lost” it since sadly… he wasn’t a fan…

Clara headband.jpg

We returned to the hospital Christmas Day evening around 9pm as promised in time for Clara’s next jaundice checks and to our delight we were told we could go home for good.

On the way down to the car, we were called back only to be told we’d actually be discharged in the morning. That night, Clara panicked, knowing she wasn’t well enough to go home. Her jaundice levels spiked significantly and she was put back under light therapy.


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