Starting with sickness

It’s nerve wracking for any new parent to look after a newborn baby alone through the night. With Dean sleeping at home, I was left to look after Clara on my own.

With feeds every three hours, expressing in between, blood tests, and observations, I was averaging 90 minutes sleep a night.

One night, Clara wasn’t feeding well so I let her sleep a little longer. Knowing it had been 4 hours since her last feed but she was still so drowsy I started to get concerned. To this day I’m still thankful I was awake – at 2am, Clara threw up a serious amount of yellowy green bile, again and again and again. I rang for the midwife who helped me strip Clara of her clothes and help her breathe again.

Clara soon calmed down and I was told to get some sleep for another hour or two and try and feed her again. Mother’s instinct some call it, but I knew not to sleep. Within 20 minutes, Clara was vomiting again and it wasn’t milk based. We know now it was stomach acid.

Clara was taken down to HDU to be observed by a paedeatrician. This is where her journey to diagnosis began.


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