Happy baby, tired but happy mummy

Clara has now been completely off of all her pain relief for 36 hours and she’s one happy little girl. No more morphine, no more routine liquid paracetamol (for now anyway). Just one happy girl with her personality back!

Today has been another wonderful day of dress wearing, smiles, cuddles, and snoozing. I’m pretty sure even I fell asleep for a couple minutes whilst expressing earlier as Clara snoozed in the cot next to me.

The more we see Clara’s true personality shine through, the more I find it hard to spend a minute away from her. She’s alert, focussed, and much more reactive to her environment. She knows what she wants, and more than ever what she doesn’t want! Tempted to offer her a dummy if her mouth is open? If she doesn’t want it she’ll purse her lips tightly and stick out her bottom lip until you move the offending item. No wonder they call her princess!

I’d just love to know what she’s thinking in moments like those below. 9/10 times she looks at me with an eyebrow raised and a questioning look on her face. Your mum’s mad Clara, and don’t you know it!

Clara’s a happy girl when she’s awake, but she’s also clearly comfortable when she’s sleeping. With no pain relief at all in her system now this makes me so happy! She really must be feeling okay in herself as she’s so much more content than she was earlier this week when they lowered her morphine the second time. She just loves those arms up in the air!

We’re all cheering you on girlie, keep it up!

2 thoughts on “Happy baby, tired but happy mummy

  1. Was just thinking about you & Clara earlier and wondering how you were doing so checked out your blog. So pleased to hear she’s progressing so brilliantly 😃😃😃 And what gorgeous photos-she is such a beautiful expressive little baby. Xx


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