Talk of moving on to the medical ward

We’re now one week post operation and Clara is thriving.

We had our first walk again outside of the hospital and we made the most of the opportunity to explore the back streets of the area. Something Clara has taught me is to slow down and enjoy the world around you. We’ve gone from exploring the back streets of Hong Kong and New York, to the back streets of Headington. But boy are they just as beautiful in their own right.

On our return, Clara’s gastro team visited on their usual Tuesday round. The big news this time was that they’re ready for us to move to their medical ward in just a week or two.

Big change. Big big change.

Whilst I know it’s a huge deal that Clara is done with her surgical experience and she’s ready for the next step towards home, I’m not ready to say goodbye to our Tom’s family.

For now, I’m going to continue walking the corridor of Tom’s with Clara in the baby carrier and the pump stand in my left hand. (So much nicer now there’s no fear of a stoma bag bursting.)

We’re taking in the bright orange walls which once looked so loud but now look like home.

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