My hearing test in 1992

It turns out Clara and I have more in common than just our chubby cheeks.

I recently discovered, in my own red health record book, that I too had hearing issues as a baby, less than a year old. Back then there was no laptop to hook my brain up to, nor portable digital machines.

At around 9 months old, my hearing test revealed acute response in the left ear and slow response in the right. I, like Clara, was also uninterested in the rattle being shaken near me.

I don’t know much else about the circumstances so I’m now on a mission to find out what happened next.

Whilst I’m not suggesting Clara may be able to hear one day, it does lead me to wonder whether this could be coincidence or genetic.

I’d argue my hearing is now fine, my husband however still argues there’s an issue with a condition called selective hearing.

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