Our first family weekend away

Just two months ago it didn’t seem possible. Dean was lined up to be a Best Man for his best friend, up in Sheffield, and Clara and I were still going to be in the hospital wishing the Bride and Groom well from afar.

But, we made it. We have just spent the weekend in Sheffield – and it was perfect.

We used Air B&B, the perfect solution for us. We stayed in a farm cottage, only a field away from the wedding venue. Travelling up the night before meant we had plenty of time the morning of the wedding to get ready. Dean could spend the morning with the Groom, and we didn’t have to change Clara’s routine. Milk – breakfast – medicines – play – get ready for the day – nap – off out we go!

It was a wonderful day. Stunning floral displays, a historical venue, a very beautiful bride and her maids – it was dreamy.

For us, it really did feel dreamy. We were achieving something we had literally dreamt about.

Clara was on her best behaviour – she was simply perfect. She didn’t make a noise during the ceremony, she smiled at everyone all afternoon, enjoyed all of the cuddles from so many people into the evening, and danced the night away – quite literally, with both her feet on the floor as she stood upright with her hands in mine.

Despite it being a day that’s supposed to be all about the bride and groom, so many people made time for Clara. Many people came over and said hello to Clara and asked how she was doing now, having heard about her journey. The bride’s sister, such a beautiful bridesmaid, even gave Clara a beautiful white bunny rabbit toy she’d picked out for her. The rooms were full of so much love. We were beyond happy.

We are a real family, doing real family things. Plus, there’s nothing quite like when you see a large breakfast coming towards you the morning after a wedding, even Clara now knows that!

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