Now you are one

My darling Clara, if the internet still exists in 20 years in the way it does today, I hope you haven’t minded me sharing your story. It’s been so much more than just helping your mummy get her thoughts out so she can focus on every day being a new fun day with you, it’s actually helped other people too. Pretty cool, huh?

Now you are One I thought you might like to know what you’ve learned to do:

You say Mama, Dada, Nana, Cat, Mmm yeah, – but I’m pretty sure just Cat is said intentionally although you know the meaning of so many more words.

You’re crawling more and more every day, something you started a few days before you turned one. You crawl from one room to the other, loving to explore. I just know you’ll love an adventure.

You’re walking confidently with both your hands held for support as you’re still wobbly on your own. But you’re very determined and know exactly where you want to go! You’ve got an amazing shoe collection already.

You’ve got four teeth – two on the bottom and two halfway through on the top. All the better for eating with and you like your food!

You were last weighed at 8.5 kilos, a good jump up from what you were and everyone comments on your growth spurt in the last few weeks. You’re tall and have so much hair – you’re just so cute!

You absolutely love your books, turning the pages backwards and forwards. We read to you every day but you’re very happy being left on your own surrounded by your favourite books. Farm animals is a favourite, followed by the musical Old McDonald Had a Farm.

Speaking of animals, you get so excited when you see one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog in a pub or your own cat next to you. You’re not scared, you squeal with excitement!

You’ve got a marvellous childminder lined up for next year and you’ve already settled in so well. It really is a home from home and I strongly believe being out and about with other people and watching other children has helped you grow so fast lately.

You see your best friend Wrenn every week and you two are just the cutest together. We’ve got so many traditions with you girls already, we can’t wait to see you grow up together. You truly have a friend for life.

You had so many people come and see you on your first birthday. You are so loved. We felt so lucky to be at home with you, surrounded by friends and family, after brunch in the pub and a walk around Blenheim. You had an incredible cake, a waffle bar and a hot chocolate station! Lucky girl indeed.

Now my darling, your first year in this world has been quite something. We’ve all learned so much from you and we can’t wait to see you grow. I promise you that you’ll see the world, and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Stay strong and kind sweetheart x

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