Dairy, soya, sugar free breakfast ideas

Trying to meal plan is never the easiest when you’re a family with food intolerances. We’re not at a stage where Clara can eat what we eat, despite her doing phenomenally well with orally eating. She eats so much, so often, and will eat almost everything we give her (the only things she’s turned down are rice cakes and cucumber – too bland! And lamb mince, weirdly).

Breakfast tends to be one of the easier meals for us to plan. If, like me, you have a dairy soya and or sugar free child, I’m hoping some of these ideas can help:

  • Pancakes (flour, alternative milk [Almond or KoKo has worked well for us], 1 egg). Suggested toppings: slice banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter, or, a drizzle of sweet Freedom choc pot, or, a simple squeeze of lemon. Be inventive!
  • Eggs: Clara eats egg often as she loves the flavour and it’s such a good source of protein and vitamins. Scrambled egg with pitta bread or toasted tortilla wrap (check but our standard supermarket ranges are dairy soya free). Omelette with vegetables in, or dairy free cheese with chopped tomato.
  • Cereal: Clara is still on Aptamil Pepti One (a specialised formula) but she does also drink coconut, almond, and oat milk. Any of these served with cereal will work well if your child likes the taste. We stick to rice krispies or cornflakes so she’s not overloaded with fibre in one meal – there’s a tiny bit of sugar in some own brand options, it seems impossible to find cereal with none that’s not ridiculously high in fibre. Compared to other cereals, they’re by far the lowest in sugar.
  • Toast: bread products mostly have to be homemade if you’re avoiding soya and sugar. Tortillas and pitta bread are labelled dairy, soya, and sugar free, but sliced bread isn’t (it contains soya and sugar). Half-baked rolls are often suitable too.
  • Breakfast muffins: I’m yet to try these but I’ll report back soon with a good recipe if there is one.
  • Fruit: with most breakfast meals I’d ideally serve fresh fruit but we do limit how much fruit Clara has in a day as it’s fibrous and packed full of natural sugars. Sometimes she’ll have half a banana with her breakfast and the other half as a mid morning snack, sometimes a handful of raspberries with her pancakes.

As Clara gets older, and therefore finds it easier to communicate with us, we’ll test her with foods that are labeled ‘may contain’ or contain small servings of sugar in (such as crumpets). I’m also tempted to get a bread machine and make my own sugar free bread for her so she can have proper toast again.

Breakfast is probably the closest meal we get to all sharing easy and tasty food. If we go out for food as a family, a weekend brunch is often the easiest meal. I’ll bring some home cooked bread in her lunch box, we can order dairy free scrambled egg and a sausage, and she can eat food that looks just like ours.

Do leave me a comment if you have any more suggestions.

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