Dairy, soya, sugar free breakfast ideas

Trying to meal plan is never the easiest when you’re a family with food intolerances. We’re not at a stage where Clara can eat what we eat, despite her doing phenomenally well with orally eating. She eats so much, so often, and will eat almost everything we give her (the only things she’s turned downContinue reading “Dairy, soya, sugar free breakfast ideas”

Short Gut baby weaning: 8 months old

I know every time I write it down I end up saying the same thing. But I just cannot believe Clara is 8 months old now (just under 7 months corrected if you’re being specific, she was a 35-weeker). Clara is growing up. Her development is fantastic – we have been discharged from the PhysioContinue reading “Short Gut baby weaning: 8 months old”

Short Gut baby weaning: a second attempt

From the minute weaning was mentioned months ago I was keen to get going. Turns out it wasn’t as straight forward as dishing up some purée… You can read our first attempt at weaning here. The first food Clara ever tried was an Ella’s Kitchen purée pouch – organic carrot, broccoli, and sweet potato. ClaraContinue reading “Short Gut baby weaning: a second attempt”

Short Gut baby weaning: four months old

We’ve decided to start weaning Clara. She’s 23 weeks old, 18 weeks (4 months) corrected. Whilst official guidelines say to now wait until 6 months old, you can start weaning at 4 months old if you believe it’s right for your child. Some signs to look out for if you think your little one isContinue reading “Short Gut baby weaning: four months old”