You’ve helped us help Tom’s Ward

Our fundraising drive this year has raised an incredible amount of money to help the various teams who have helped us. We spent six months on Tom’s Ward, the paediatric surgical ward at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, so it was very important to us we not only gave something back to them, butContinue reading “You’ve helped us help Tom’s Ward”

First word? Dada… dadadada.

Our last trip back to the hospital to repeat the Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) test that diagnosed Clara with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder did not go to plan. To carry out the test, your child needs to be asleep. That’s not easy with a 9 month old. She sleeps when she sleeps! But I didContinue reading “First word? Dada… dadadada.”

Oxford Half Marathon -SSNAP

Today my sister and brother both took part in the Oxford Half Marathon, pounding the streets to raise money for charities close to their hearts. One of those charities was SSNAP. The Oxford based charity supporting the Neonatal Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital where Clara spent her first six weeks of life. To seeContinue reading “Oxford Half Marathon -SSNAP”

Clara’s nursery and the DIY feature corner

Clara’s room always had to feel special. We first ‘decorated’ the room when we moved in two and a half years ago – and by decorate I mean we ripped out the bleach stained carpet with holes in and replaced it with a high quality neutral carpet. We sanded back the Oxford United themed brightContinue reading “Clara’s nursery and the DIY feature corner”

Eight month sleep regression

Clara is 8 months old today. That alone is such a crazy thought! She’s so grown up now – eating twice as much, pooing less (ONE dirty nappy yesterday – hello what’s that about?!), sitting up on her own, wanting to stand up all the time, and loves being entertained. Sleep, however, is another recentContinue reading “Eight month sleep regression”