Mission: Night Feeds. Day 1.

Technically it’s day two, as it’s 04.30 on Thursday morning, but it’s our first night here in the children’s hospital. Tonight is the first night I’ve been able to stay with Clara since I was staying on the ward myself in the women’s centre after her birth. I was discharged New Year’s Eve so itContinue reading “Mission: Night Feeds. Day 1.”

Our new home, the Children’s Hospital

After three days of “are we/aren’t we” moving today, and always being told “definitely later today”, we have finally moved to our new home in the Children’s Hospital. When we first visited the ward a week ago it was really overwhelming. It feels like a proper hospital, unlike NICU which was a different world ofContinue reading “Our new home, the Children’s Hospital”

Happy baby, tired but happy mummy

Clara has now been completely off of all her pain relief for 36 hours and she’s one happy little girl. No more morphine, no more routine liquid paracetamol (for now anyway). Just one happy girl with her personality back! Today has been another wonderful day of dress wearing, smiles, cuddles, and snoozing. I’m pretty sureContinue reading “Happy baby, tired but happy mummy”