Finding our ‘normal’, settling into life after maternity leave

You’ve probably noticed, but I’ve had writers block. That, and settling into life has got in the way. We’re now just one week from the end of January and I thought it was about time I shared an update for those of you who don’t follow along our daily ramblings on Instagram. January marked myContinue reading “Finding our ‘normal’, settling into life after maternity leave”

Happy 1st Lifeday Clara!

January 10th is Clara’s Lifeday. It’s like a birthday, except we’re not celebrating her birth (oh no, that’s too normal), we’re celebrating LIFE. For on this day, Clara was given a chance at life. Today, a year ago, was the day we talked (very VERY briefly, ie we shut that conversation down) about palliative care.Continue reading “Happy 1st Lifeday Clara!”

It’s busy, but it’s beautiful

So I said in my last blog post that TPN breaks were some way off. Well it wouldn’t be Clara if she went at 100 miles an hour and defied my expectations. Her blood cultures (after the positive) have all returned negative. So today we had a four hour break again! Clara’s face below perfectlyContinue reading “It’s busy, but it’s beautiful”