Short Gut baby weaning: 8 months old

I know every time I write it down I end up saying the same thing. But I just cannot believe Clara is 8 months old now (just under 7 months corrected if you’re being specific, she was a 35-weeker).

Clara is growing up. Her development is fantastic – we have been discharged from the Physio this week as physically Clara is rocketing (sometimes almost out of her Jumperoo – she’s obsessed). And her eating continues to be brilliant.

Recently, Clara has started chewing properly. Big comical chews with her gums – grinning as she shows off her shiny two front teeth. We absolutely love it when Clara smiles like this too – a proper knowing grin!

We have introduced finger food alongside her blended meals- but we still aren’t following the popular Baby Led Weaning method. For Clara it needs to be a substantial meal. I need to know she’s getting the right amount of nutrition, along with developing good motor skills.

So, I’ve introduced some new textures for Clara- and so far so good! She now has one standard weetabix for breakfast (made with formula) with half a banana (still mashed with a fork). For lunch, if it’s not blended meat with carbohydrates and veg, egg and toast has become a favourite. Clara will happily eat one egg, a slice of toast, and some fruit purée or fruit custard. Now we just need to start mixing it up a bit! (Some well steamed carrots might be next.) Leave any other suggestions you have in the comments box below please!

I (obviously) watch Clara closely whilst she eats as she doesn’t know when she’s got enough in her mouth (see below!)

We offer Clara water in her sippy cup with dry meals – sometimes pre boiled and cooled, sometimes straight tap water. She likes water in it, but I tried formula and her face was a picture! She was disgusted! We’ll stick with water in the cup for now.

For dinners, we are sticking to a standard meal of meat (chicken, pork, turkey, fish, beef), veg (almost any!), and a carbohydrate (potato, sweet potato, pasta, bread). A fruit medley is served for pudding.

It’s always a worry – if Clara’s getting enough nutrition. She’s definitely eating lots, but with 4-5 (sometimes more, sometimes if we are lucky maybe one less) dirty nappies a day, you never quite know how much she’s actually absorbed. And she wants to eat more! But we have to stop her from over eating or we soon know about it. She doesn’t know her limits, she’d eat until she napped if she could.

Luckily, Clara continues to put on weight. She’s just above the 25th centile for her corrected age. I know the weight gain will start to slow down as she gets more mobile, that’ll be tricky to get my head around. As long as she follows the curve I know she’s doing well, but going from weekly weigh ins to weigh ins much further apart is nerve wracking when that’s your only way to know if things are going okay.

One thing we now know: Clara cannot have onions. Oh wow. Gas, gas, gas, dirty nappies on repeat, and more gas. It’s totally disrupted her today – that’s not a mistake we’ll make again!

On the flip side, salmon and sweet potato remain favourites! She still eats better than we do…

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