11 months old

It’s like she turned 11 months and grew up overnight. My little Clara is growing up fast.

And based on the amount she’s napped and eaten today, I don’t think the growth spurt is stopping anytime soon.

On Monday, Clara hit the big 8.0kg in weight – a huge relief considering she’d lost weight the week before. We stuck to a meal plan that proved to be successful – it feels like we’re getting somewhere. In fact, Clara has been so into her food it’s been hard to get her to drink her formula! Today she’s had almost her full quota of formula, a large bowl of cornflakes, pasta, chicken, vegetables, fish fingers, banana bread, grapes, a banana, a lot of fruit purée. They told me short gut babies who feed orally would eat a lot, and wow – she does! She’s a growing girl!

Today was a clear developmental milestone. She’s almost up! Admittedly, her bottom was perched slightly against the edge of the sofa but even a bout of tickle induced hysterics wouldn’t drop her down!

Clara continues to be hilarious. She’s babbling away more than ever (a lot of Dada and Baba), desperately trying to crawl but still gets marooned despite all of the rocking motion she can muster, and toddling on her feet if her hands are held and her weight slightly supported. It’s time we got Clara her first pair of proper soled shoes.

At playgroup Clara showed us she somehow knew exactly how to use a ride on toy, despite having never sat on one before. How do babies brains work?! It’s a reminder us parents just need to sit back and let our babies do their own thing in their own time. I’ve had fears Clara wouldn’t walk, talk, eat, or survive. And yet here she is doing just that – and doing it bloody well too.

It’s crazy to think 11 months have gone by. 11 months of joy, worry, elation, and adventures of every kind.

Every day that goes by, Clara’s personality grows immeasurably. She’s funny, determined, and a real joy to be with. 11 months will be 11 years before we know it.

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