Gastroenterology clinic appointment: an update

It’s been three months since we last saw Clara’s Gastro consultant, Dr Rodrigues, to check up on her progress. For all of us, the focus was weight gain. Was she putting on weight? We’d all hoped she was at a faster rate than before. Whilst her weight had been going up, it was slow, theContinue reading “Gastroenterology clinic appointment: an update”

Short Gut Syndrome: diet and weight management

With most babies, weight gain is considered a sign of success. After the early stages, you get baby weighed every few months to check all is well. With Clara it’s a little more complex. We’re getting her weighed weekly at the moment since she lost a chunk of weight when she had rotavirus. Clara hadContinue reading “Short Gut Syndrome: diet and weight management”

You’ve helped us help Tom’s Ward

Our fundraising drive this year has raised an incredible amount of money to help the various teams who have helped us. We spent six months on Tom’s Ward, the paediatric surgical ward at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, so it was very important to us we not only gave something back to them, butContinue reading “You’ve helped us help Tom’s Ward”