First word? Dada… dadadada.

Our last trip back to the hospital to repeat the Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) test that diagnosed Clara with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder did not go to plan. To carry out the test, your child needs to be asleep. That’s not easy with a 9 month old. She sleeps when she sleeps! But I didContinue reading “First word? Dada… dadadada.”

Clara’s hearing: Visual Reinforcement Audiometry test

I’ve sat down to write this update having just sung Clara to sleep. No bottle, no cuddles, just a simple song and her eyes were closing gently. This works because Clara can hear. It’s been the same song from the beginning. I don’t know why I sang it to Clara originally, it was just oneContinue reading “Clara’s hearing: Visual Reinforcement Audiometry test”

NICU Awareness Month

September is that time of year where it could be any season. Leftover sunshine from summer, blustery winds in preparation for Autumn, cold mornings looking for Winter, or soft days requiring cardigans like Spring. But when you’re in Intensive Care the seasons don’t matter. Often, you don’t notice if it’s light or dark. Thankfully thatContinue reading “NICU Awareness Month”

Heterotaxy and the heart

Clara has heterotaxy – a condition which means ‘different arrangement’. It commonly involves the heart and other organs, especially the stomach, intestines, spleen (often missing or in smaller pieces – Clara the latter), and liver. In Clara’s case, we knew at our 20 week scan that her stomach was on the wrong side (the rightContinue reading “Heterotaxy and the heart”