Life at home – week one

We’ve been at home a week today and life is good! Clara’s even had the customary first baby bath in the kitchen sink! We’ve really settled in as a little family and whilst we are still working out our daily routine, I think we’ve got the mornings nailed. Breakfast has become one of our favouriteContinue reading “Life at home – week one”

We’ve been discharged: Clara is coming home.

Only a mere six months earlier than expected! Clara has achieved the unthinkable – but then again, when hasn’t she?! We’ve known this ‘aim for home’ date for a few weeks now but I’ve not been brave enough to share it. Just in case. You see, Clara doesn’t like the D word (D is forContinue reading “We’ve been discharged: Clara is coming home.”

Operation #7 A new Hickman Line

On Thursday 7th June (tomorrow), Clara is back to the operating theatre to have a new Hickman Line put in. We’ve been struggling to withdraw blood from the line for a few weeks now, and this is super important for Clara. It’s a prevention rather than cure strategy as it is flushing PN and salineContinue reading “Operation #7 A new Hickman Line”