11 weeks old

I cannot believe we have had Clara with us for 11 weeks already. In some ways I think how have nearly three months flown by so fast?! But then so much has happened, it’s not surprising really.

In anticipation for the big operation this Thursday we’ve had a relatively quiet week.

The snow didn’t deter us too much but we did have a couple of relaxed afternoons where we didn’t venture out. It wasn’t worth risking Clara’s health and strength before her operation, so we stayed indoors and watched the children enjoying the snow from the window.

Clara’s outputs were too high at the latter end of the week so she as made nil by mouth over the weekend, she was put on ‘gut rest’. It seems to have worked as by Monday night she was well under her ‘allowance’ and things seem to have returned to normal. Surprisingly, Clara wasn’t too grumpy about not having any milk, she just really appreciated being given her medicines. Even the medicine she usually hates, forcing it out of her mouth, she took willingly but with a disgusted look on her face. She wasn’t going to reject ‘food’ but she sure let us know she wasn’t impressed with the medicinal delicacy on offer.

Despite the high outputs, Clara has put on a phenomenal amount of weight this week. As she’s fed intravenously this is all because of her TPN nutrition. Her gastrointestinal consultant put her on a ‘working weight’ above what she actually weighed last Monday to help her build weight quickly, a bonus for her operation this week if she’s nice and strong. It’s worked – she’s piled on the pounds! Clara now weighs 9lb 6oz. And boy can I feel it when she’s been in my arms for a while.

We’ve now had confirmation that the little flap in Clara’s heart that hadn’t closed at birth is now shut. That’s one less procedure we have to worry about! However, the echo showed us that she has rather an unusual set up around her heart. (I probably shouldn’t be surprised now when a new spontaneous medical check up reveals something new). Investigations are still ongoing but at this stage we aren’t led to believe it’s something serious to worry about. Rumours have it she may have two left atriums rather than a left and a right. This means her natural pacemaker could be missing, although we all have a back up pacemaker that’s never as good. The specialist told me it was like a celebrity wearing knock off clothing: it might look the same, but the quality is never up to par. We are currently waiting the results of her ECG and a 24hour heart monitor Clara wore over the weekend to measure how well her pacemaker is working.

Clara’s personality is continuing to shine through. She’s either wanting to be cuddled and picked up, or she’s shouting in disagreement or annoyance, or she’s flashing wicked smiles at anyone who gives her the attention she wants. Such a character!

Tomorrow morning George leaves for his cycle ride to Paris. Please keep him in your thoughts and wish him luck!

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