Uncle George is cycling to Paris next week

Aged 19 I cycled into Oxford a few times. At no point did I ever contemplate cycling as far as Paris. Clara’s 19 year old Uncle George, the eldest of my two younger brothers, is doing exactly that next week… on his own! George is cycling from The Oxford Children’s Hospital on Wednesday 7th MarchContinue reading “Uncle George is cycling to Paris next week”

A possible blockage in the bowel pipe

Clara’s bowel has a small pipe inside which connects to a soft tube protruding from her tummy. What would be her poo, but is really just milky stomach acid, comes out here into a bag. (The picture below showing the bag has been purposely left upside down and flipped to make it a bit lessContinue reading “A possible blockage in the bowel pipe”

We’re moving to the Children’s Hospital

Today we have been told we are moving to the children’s hospital. Two days after Clara’s official due date, and 5 weeks (minus one day) since she was born. “yay!” In her first five weeks we’ve had three episodes of billious vomiting, two life critical operations, two weeks in HDU, three weeks in intensive care,Continue reading “We’re moving to the Children’s Hospital”